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 Family Law Attorneys in Greenville and Bonham, TX

Jessica McDonald is a practicing attorney with over twenty years of practice and trial experience. Her team consists of Kimberly C. Smith and William Porter. Her support staff includes Ashley Pierce, Lynne Garcia, and Rebecca Budjenska. They take family law and criminal defense cases in Hunt and Fannin County. Our firm is committed to advocating for our client's rights, giving back to the community, and helping you at the most crucial time in your life. We are now serving Greenville, Bonham, Leonard, Trenton, Wolfe City, and Savoy. 

Family Law Attorneys of Bonham, TX

Jessica McDonald and associates are excited to announce we are open in Bonham, TX! We have over 20 years of experience working in the local courts of Bonham. 

Family Law:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Orders and Modifying Child Support Orders
  • CPS litigation
  • CPS cases (mom or dad)
  • Guardianship

Criminal Defense:

  • Felony DWI
  • Felony Aggravated Assault
  • Felony Drug Possession
  • Felony Theft
  • Misdemeanor DWI/DUI
  • Misdemeanor drug possession
  • Class B Misdemeanors
  • Class A Misdemeanors

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