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Modifying Divorce and Child Custody Orders

Posted by Jessica McDonald | Oct 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

During a divorce or child custody case, the judge will issue court orders for matters such as custody, child support and visitation. After the divorce or custody case is over, one of the parties may experience a change in circumstance that makes the orders unworkable for the parties. Failure to comply with a court order can result in harsh penalties, so be sure to speak with an experienced family lawyer to determine your options if you find yourself in this situation.

If your divorce decree or custody order need to be modified due to changes in your income, location, or any other part of your life, we can help you obtain a modification of your order so that you can move on with your life.

When can I have a divorce order modified?

In order to have a divorce order modified, you must prove to the court that you have experienced a change in circumstance. For example, perhaps you have been granted custody of your child and need to relocate, but the other parent has visitation rights. You could have the visitation order modified if you can convince the court that your change in circumstance requires it.

You can also have your child support order modified if you have lost your job, making it impossible for you to afford the support payments that your support order requires.  Or, if the other party's financial situation has changed and they are making significantly more money than they were at the time the order was granted, you can modify the order to increase their child support obligation.

You may also modify the order if the circumstances of any person who has possession and access to your child has changed in such a way as to cause them to be a danger to your child.

Contact our firm right away if you need to have a court order modified. Jessica McDonald & Associates provides exceptional, c counsel for those going through the difficult process of divorce, child custody and modifications. We are relentless in the courtroom and will never back down when fighting for your rights. Jessica McDonald brings unparalleled insight and dedication to your legal challenges. Contact us today for the support, guidance, and skilled representation that you need to fight for custody of your child!

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